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Growing The Giving Experience

Connecting you to the technology that provides a powerful, enhanced fundraising experience.

Growing The Giving Experience


Online raffle capabilities for your non-profit fundraiser. Maximize your fundraising experience by offering online raffling to reach a wider donor base by allowing your user base to buy raffle tickets on any mobile or desktop device. Not only do we provide the online platform to run your raffle, but we will help you with the approval process.


Online auction platform that can be utilized on any mobile or desktop device. Donors can bid from across the room to across the world. Unlimited number of auction items can be quickly set up. Donors can receive real-time text and email notifications on items they are being outbid on or if they won their item.


Just with one click your donors can make a big contribution to your cause. You can even offer a free gift with each donation just to give thanks. Donors can easily donate through any mobile or desktop device at any time. Start receiving donations instantly - don't waste any time not raising funds.

mobile responsive

All our platforms are mobile friendly and can be viewed on any mobile or desktop device. Feel at ease knowing that all your fundraising items can be viewed by any device at any time. Either in the same room and across the world.

event management

Overwhelmed with managing your event? Let us help! We can help with registration and check-in, organizing donations, creating online auctions, raffles, donations, and buy products, event set-up, monitoring, and much more! Let us help you with your event so you can focus on your whats most important - connecting with your guests.

Fundraising campaigns

Don't limit your fundraising efforts to just an event - expand your efforts to on-going fundraising campaigns. Grow your donor base and funds with monthly marketing fundraising campaigns, cross-advertisement, and targeted messaging.


Monitor your events, marketing fundraising campaigns and outreach to effectively fundraise. Pin-point and profile your donor base to provide personalized product and messaging, efficiently go after the right donors, and know who to invite to your next event.

deeper engagement

Need a new creative or fun way to engage your user base? Luv2Give is all about creating a long-term, engaged customer. With our cross-marketing and personalization tools, we can capture a user base that wants to be apart of your fundraiser and can continue to be marketed to long after your fundraiser.

Join us in bring back the Fun in Fundraising

Building the thoughts and actions of: community, connection, engagement, understanding, and purpose. These values are what empowers us all to make the world a better place.

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  • Sports Teams
  • Animal Organizations
  • Causes
  • Foundations
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Our Mission

To maximize the fundraising efforts of organizations giving back to their community. Through our online platforms we allow those who want to change the world to concentrate on serving others while we streamline their funding through an array of online revenue streams.

Our Aim is to foster a sense of community by making it easy and efficient for individuals and organizations to give back. We will make it possible for anyone with an idea or a cause to have acess to our network and tools to raise funding for their cause.